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Vivek Chopra
Airtel Broadband, India

Vivek Chopra has been in the field of training since 1986. He first started training people in the use of Computers and then started his own computer education training company, which focused on computer education in schools and the corporate sector. This was a time in India when computer education meant learning a computer programming language. Vivek pioneered a new curriculum to set off the wave of computer usage in India. Today, the curriculum in schools has followed this endeavor and we can see its impact in the country. Vivek was accountable for training the teachers who imparted the training in various out of office sites.


Vivek took on training with Landmark Education (Landmark Education is a Global Organisation with 58 offices worldwide and offers its programs in over a 100 cities around the world.) in a big way as Seminar Leader in 1997. He has led over 500 seminars and workshops. In 1998, he joined Landmark Education as Center Manager and managed the operations for Northern India. Designated as a Seminar leader, one of 15 in India, he has personally led trainings to over 25000 people in the past 21 years. He trained trainers and others in Vision Building and Fulfillment, Business Development, Productivity, Leadership, Leading Training Programs, Tele- service and Tele-marketing and Customer Service.


Vivek started leading Mission Control Productivity Training Programs in December 2003 and is a Certified Mission Control Productivity Workshop Trainer. Since then he has led Productivity, Stress Management, Producing Sales Results and Balanced Life Workshops for more than 1200 people from various corporations.


People attending his workshops have rated him from having either “Exceeded” expectations to “Dramatically Exceeded” people’s expectations out of participating in the workshops that he led.